Friday, October 3, 2008

New Air France Advertising Campaign by BETC Euro RSCG

Starting Monday 6 October 2008, Air France, the airline ‘making the sky the best place on earth’ launches a new advertising campaign designed by BETC EURO RSCG and photographed by Camilla Akrans.

This campaign consists of over a hundred visuals that will be adapted in over 100 countries, then developed in the written press, on billboards and in four 8-second video clips aimed at Internet news sites and television sponsoring.

As a precursor, Air France developed a new approach to air transport that today enables it to offer its increasingly international and demanding customers a unique travel experience. All the airline’s products and services are designed for one single purpose: to enable passengers to re-energize themselves so that they feel refreshed after their flight, and have been able to transform time lost into time regained.

Each of the principal 13 visuals poetically illustrates the essential aspects of the Air France inflight service such as comfort, refinement, personal attention from the crew, and the quality of the gourmet dining and the entertainment available.

Thanks to the expert eye of Camilla Akrans, this campaign is a metaphor for the well-being experienced by the passenger, the focus of this campaign, through the various aspects of service. The visuals, which are both luxurious and human, perfectly illustrate the atmosphere of an Air France flight.

In this campaign, the aircraft’s trajectory, symbolised by a white line, fuses with an aspect of the passenger such as a stiletto heel (for first class), a lace from a corset or lock of hair (for l’Espace Affaires - business).

As for the tactical campaign, the benefits that render travelling by air all the more easier are put to the fore. Destinations and services are symbolized by flying objects in the sky trailing a single white line behind them. Air France has chosen to communicate in dynamic fashion yet remaining in touch with its customers’ expectations and sacrificing nothing of its refinement.


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