Thursday, November 27, 2008

UHU super Glue: Bridge

The benefit of UHU Super Glue "One second is enough" is delivered by this commercial. People can catch the message. But what make me don't agree with this why the duration in "a second" as well. I think the positioning of "one second is enough" is very strong statement. Although, there are some version to make people aware to the benefit but I don't think people will enjoy seeing it. People don't want to wait another version to see, they just see one version, one commercial in once time. Do you want to see another version? Ok, I'll show you Uhu-super-glue-car

I think commercial is not just about how to deliver benefit but also how to make people enjoy or happy seeing it. That's what commercial be memorable. As entertainment.

Released: November 2008
Agency: SERVICEPLAN, Germany


dhoni said...

heheh advertisement will always be an ertisement. It's all about money, many advertisement did the same way you know. They'd say anything, true or not, to attract people.

M.Ismail said...

Thanks for comment. Ya, you're right advertisement is the same way. Just how to attract people, right?...