Monday, December 29, 2008

Amnesty International: Execution

Execution. A word that can fear us. Our imagination to someone will be executed by a gun shoot, electrocution or hanging. You will see a soldier is about to execute someone. It look dark in dramatic picture. You see the expression of the man, it seems he hope a wisdom from executor or he look desperate.

The desperate moment comes. A soldier shoots. And... you'll see flying petitions get in the way of the bullet, slowing it down until it falls to the ground in front of the doomed. Very dramatic...

Released: June 2007
Agency: TBWA, France

Cannes Lions 2007 Film Silver
Eurobest 2007
Eurobest 2007 Bronze
IAA Responsibility Awards 2008
Platinum Film
IAA REsponsiblity Awards
Andy Awards 2008 Television Bronze

Andy Awards 2008
ADC Awaeds 2008 TV Silver
ADC awards 2008 Craft Distinctive

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