Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sony Walkman: Music pieces

Music is a universal thing in the world. People from any culture, any country and any level of society has their own music. Music unites that differences. Music make the world more fun and enjoy, even the characters of someone can become cool and happy. Performance is nothing if music comes from the soul, come from the deepest of heart. It's the truth, the real of music.

But, if 128 musicians together only play one note for each of them. What kind of arrangement. Watch and listen...

Released: October 2007
Agency: Fallon London, United Kingdom

Young Guns 2007 Winners
Young Guns 2007 Cinema bronze

BTAA 2008
BTAA 2008 Gold
BTAA 2008 Silver
D&AD 2008 TV & Cinema Use of Music Yellow Pencil
Clio 2008 TV Gold
Clio 2008 TV Silver
Clio 2008 TV Bronze
Canners Lions 2008 Film Silver
Meribel Ad Festival 2008 Film Grand Cristal
Meribel Ad Festival 2008 Film Cristal

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