Thursday, December 18, 2008


by Mochamad Ismail
In a competitive market nowadays, a product must have the right strategy and tactics to win the competition. Need integrated strategy which all channels should be involved, they are advertising, event program (brand activation), and public relation (PR).

Now, let's talk about advertising especially how to create creative print ad and tv commercial which has a power to increase a brand awareness to target market.

What are the "clues" is what I called SPURSE (Selling, Persuasive, Unexpected, Relevant, simple and Entertainment). Let's break down the terms.

How could the advertiser want to spend much money if there is no respond from the people who see their ad, lets say tv commercial. Respond means there is a desire to the product after they see the commercial. There is a curiousity from them to try it. This is what I mean there is a "Selling' in the clue of creating the ads. There is a point of sales such as value or benefit which created by creative approach.

If you ask somebody to give you something with rude words from your mouth, do you think they will give? I don't think so. So, the persuasive words has the power to do something for you. Similar with the ads should persuade audience to try the product. Off course the persuasion in a creative way. Means the ads should blend to culture, language, character or behaviour of target audiences.

This is what make the ads is different, unique and out of the crowd "Unexpected". If the ads just plain and nothing unique, how the audience will pay attention coz it just the same with others. something unexpected or unique must be memorable in the mind. And it's one of the goal of ads.

Don't let the audiences "don't know or aware " what the product value in the ads. It's wasting money, isn't it? How creative the ads it should relevant with the product values.

If you go to shopping mall. And there are so many products in the window shop how could you choose. There are so many decorative elements that make the window shop is so complicated. Whay's the negative impact? You don't want to choose! Better go to another shop...

In the crowd of tv programs. What mostly people see and enjoy are the entertainment. so make your ads (tv commercial) as the entertainment as well. There many ways to crate that, such as comedy, drama or with something unique which people never see before (unexpected).

I think that's it about the "Clues" of creating the ads. I hope there are comments from you to enrich my knowledge.

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