Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tine Melk 2008: No Milk Today

Something Funny which happens everyday around us could become an idea. That happening could be around our neighbor or somewhere or even on tv. More over, it makes people laugh and happy seeing that. If, that things are connected to the brand it could be good idea and people must like funny things, right?

These are what this brand do for its commercial. Although the execution is not so good but I think for showing that is real in life, not fake, it's a good idea. Let that happening go naturally.

And off course as a promotion of a brand, the commercial should related with the benefit of product "how milk strengthens your body". They collected a set of well knowned sport bloopers, youtube clips and other clips showing people "losing grip". We then synched each mistake to the line "no milk today" from the classic Heman Hermits hit.

Released: November 2008

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