Saturday, December 13, 2008

Absolut Vodka: One swallow makes a summer

Wonderful life! It's when the first second I saw this tv commercial and the print ad as well on adsoftheworld I gave a comment that Absolut Vodka as a well known brand try to create a new perception to develop more new consumer. I think it's well done. It's about coming to a wonderful life different with a washing machine commercial, wash and clean your brain.

Released: April 2008
Agency: TBWA, Germany


Tony said...

oya sebaiknya hati-hati dengan widget wowzio, blogku kemaren di suspend blogger karena dianggap spam...terus ku lepas wowzio baru deh dibuka lagi

M.Ismail said...

Terima kasih mas Tony. Lebih baik wowzio aku pecat duluan...ya kan...