Saturday, December 13, 2008

Absolut Vodka: Washing Machine

During a few years I only know Absolut Vodka in print ad with its unique styles. I could be late following Absolut tv commercial.

What is your perception when you see washing machine. It washes clothes, right? But now you see, Absolut Vodka use it for its tv commercial. What is the idea behind it?
Does the washing machine symbolize as brain washing or mind washing? When your mind in a mess, drink Absolut Vodka. Your mind is cleaned off and,... in a few seconds (could be the same with the number on the machine "20")your mind is clean and arranged neatly. Is it? What is yours? If you have another opinion, you can write down a comment on below.

Released: November 2008
Agency: TBWA, Germany

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