Sunday, January 4, 2009

Smirnoff: Sea

The key statement of Smirnoff: Purification. The big brand with the big idea. The purification of the sea. Smirnoff is a global brand so with this tvc Smirnoff has stated its fame. But if we see in the beginning of tvc, someone who throw away the Smirnoff bottle to the sea is the typical market of Smirnoff. A man in hard life, a tough buy, a hard worker, and other kind of man's world.

The music and visual create a perception, a spirit that something great is coming,

Agency:JWT, London
Country:United Kingdom

Eurobest 2007
Eurobest 2007 Gold
BTAA 2008
BTAA 2008 Bronze
BTAA 2008 Diploma Awards
Andy Awards 2008
Clio 2008 TV Silver
Cannes Lions 2008 Film Bronze

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