Monday, January 12, 2009

WWF: One Hour - Earth Hour

It is a great concept to involve people to save the world. Everyone knows about global warming but most believe it is an insurmountable problem too big for them to solve. So, a solution was needed that would convince every individual that colectively, with small changes, they could make a big difference. By creating a symbolic event that could become a movement. On March 31st, Sydney would make a powerful statement by turning off its light for one hour - earth hour.

It was great work to create the awareness and the action of everyone to save the world by doing a small thing they can do.

" Turning off the light for one hour "

Released: June 2007
Agency: Leo Burnett Sydney, Australia

Andy Awards 2008 Integrated Gold
Cannes Lions 2007 Titanium Lions
Grand Prix
ADC Awards 2008 Integrated Silver

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